• Be unfailingly pleasant.
  • Show courtesy to the “Locals” in the areas through which we pass – after all, they live there and we want to come back in future years.
  • Report any incident or accident with another vehicle or property. Use the appropriate accident and injury report forms along with the Withdrawal form in your Road Book or get one from Rally Headquarters or one of the CRO’s.
  • Obey instructions of all officials – this will make for a smoother event.
  • Respect the traffic laws on public roads. Speed cameras are used extensively in the state of South Australia. If a competitor is reported by the SA Police as having exceeded the speed limit on any transport stage or during recce, that competitor is liable to incur the normal civil road penalties as well as event penalties applied under the Supplementary Regulations.
  • Show courtesy to other road users - you don’t know who they are, but in view of the markings on your car they will certainly know who you are.
  • Use the CROs (Competitor Relations Officers) for help with any problems.
  • Use concrete or water container weights to hold down any shelters or tents where appropriate (e.g. bitumen)
  • Litter – there are heavy fines for littering in a public place, so carry a litterbag in your vehicle
  • Drop oil anywhere. The Service Park, overnight and Parc Ferme areas are in private facilities. Please pay attention to mechanicals, which drip oil. Use appropriate measures to deal with oil spills.
  • Drink and drive! It is strictly forbidden to consume intoxicating liquor or to use prohibited drugs during the course of the days of competition or within six hours of a competitor’s start time for a day and penalties up to exclusion apply (refer to the Supplementary Regulations).
  • Speed anywhere