Here is a list of the many options for catering in BURRA, all waiting to welcome crews and officials to South Australia’s Heartland. Please honour their welcome with your custom whenever you can

Cook O Burra CAFE 7 Market Street Burra
Burra Fresh CAFE 16 Market Square Burra
Royal Exchange Hotel PUB 1 Best Place Burra
Commercial Hotel PUB 22 Commercial Street Burra
Bon Accord Hotel PUB Copperhouse Street, Burra
Jumbucks Restaurant RESTAURANT Market Street Burra
Burra Scrumpy Company BOUTIQUE APPLE CIDER BREWERY John Barker Street Burra
Gaslight Collectables & Old Books CAFE 20 Market Street Burra
White Cedars Indonesian RESTAURANT 24 Commercial Street Burra
Waters’ Bakery BAKERY 16 Commercial Street Burra
La Pecora Nera (Italian) RESTAURANT 3 Thames Street Burra
St Just Café CAFE Commercial Street, Burra
Polly’s Tearooms CAFE Commercial Street, Burra
Mt Bryan Hotel PUB/RESTAURANT Mt Bryan